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see? I remembered the The. ^_^ I'm so proud of me. kinda a pet project I picked up, cause I like writing html. check it out if'n ya like. go here to take a gander at the work in progress!
Monday, April 29, 2002 || 01:31 p.m.


blueberry wonderful!

*sideways look* It's been since what... october? *eehee* wonder if anyone will actually notice that I blogged again. hmm... *plays with her non-existant beard* curiouser and curiouser. maybe a better question would be just how long I'll blog before I get distracted again? hmm. maybe.

K! I had a dream. that one day. no... wait, not the right dream. ^_^; in -my- dream I was a demon. not like... lucifer serving, bible burning, angel killing kinda demon, just a little demon that could be summoned if you knew the right spell. I'd call myself a spirit, but I really was a demon, I had little draconic wings and everything. So! I'm doing my little demon stuff (lord only knows what demons do) and my friend shane (who we mght note wasn't my friend in the dream, we didn't know one another) wound up summoning me. I don't know why, I think we aught to as shane why he's summoning demons. *raises eyebrow* so anyway... where was I? oh yeah! I went to school with shane. I think he's a senior right now, but I'm not sure, but at the time I went to school with him it was during some of his graduation events. apparently at his school it was a tradition to trash cars to represent the end of their school years. I thought it was wierd, but didn't complain cause they were all really old clunkers they'd gotten from the junk yard, nothing nice. it was about this point that one of those nosy corridor ladies noticed that shane had a DEMON with him at school, funny it took THAT long, if you ask me. so they were just getting ready to destroy the last car (which was really part of a carT that was broken in the middle) and set it on fire in the middle of the gym, when we all realized there was a statue in the middle of it. I was sad cause it was really pretty and it was far far far too late to save it, cause it was melting in the fire. so... the happy nice school people blamed it on me, like it was my idea to trash cars for graduation. whatever. so shane and I took off, following the general direction all the seniors had gone out of the gym so that they coudl graduate. we ALMOST caught up too, but somehow got separated and what not. after we got lost in the school, shane and I got separated, and I was really worried cause without him around I would have to go back to where I was before he summoned me.. and then my mom woke me up. the end. ^_^ should shane deem to get on before I go to work I'll have to share my pretty dream with him. ^_^

Wednesday, March 20, 2002 || 01:18 p.m.